Summer Sew-Along Challenge – week 2

The ( Edwardian Ramble Suit

I thought that this outfit looked more like an outfit for a shooting party, so I decided to make it in a light olive green with dark brown yoke and cuffs – to simulate the leather shooting padding at the shoulders.

I also thought that Hill (Hilltop School Gwen) would model the outfit, but as I worked on it, I realised that it would look smashing on Addison (Best Friend Club, Inc.)  But of course I decided this after I had everything cut out so the skirt is about an inch to inch and a half too short.  Which makes it look more like a WWII women’s auxiliary uniform.

One of the advantages of using Addison as the model is that is settles what I will do with the outfit once the challenge is done.  One of my friends’ daughter has a BFC, Inc doll and my friend herself has a 1970s Crissy doll which … I think … has the same measurements.  Either way, I’ll be sending the outfit on to them.


The skirt is box-pleated.  I’ve used box-pleating a lot in my sewing, for fullness; this is the first time that the pleating was a feature of the outfit and so needed to be pressed.

It’s a pain.  I have an idea for a second skirt to go with the jacket, but when I make it … if I make it … it will be single pleated around, just to make the ironing easier.

I have not put in any buttons – I don’t have any that go with the outfit and I don’t want to sew on something that’s not exactly right.  I also have put in the snaps on the jacket.  The belt is tied around the buckle-ring rather than using an actual buckle.  My challenge on this SSA is to use what I already have around the house.

All in all, I am very pleased with the results.  I’ll try to get some pictures of Hill wearing the outfit, but in my mind, this is definitely an Addison outfit.

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